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One way to assuage your friend is to be firm when you speak to her.  WORD GAME CHALLENGE 

In this rigorous vocabulary game, you will decide if  the bolded word in the sentence is correct.  Once you have your answer, say true or false and let me know why you think so.  However, these words are not commonly used in English language, but they are there.   So come on!  Get your dictionary out and use your brain power in this challenging word game!

The reasons for learning new vocabulary are many.  You just may be someone who is curious about language or looking to build comprehension in reading. To help kids understand what they are reading, they need to comprehend 98% of the text they read.  Learning is important to language development.  When you develop your language, you are better able to convey your ideas and create a successful mindset. Let’s face it, words are imperative to writing!  Writing is one way we communicate and can be life-changing.  So learn those new words.  Show the world your highly developed lexicon!

Answer to challenge #1:  Aprication of skin leads to cancer.  This sentence is true since aprication refers to getting your skin in the sun.

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