Tips for Teaching Online

February 11, 2021 No Comments

Check back for more tips on teaching remote students.

  1. Consider your students. They are as stressed as you, maybe more! They may be dealing with home lives that are stressful such as taking care of in the home; chores, siblings, school work for siblings and school work for them! If I had all of that going on, I wouldn’t want to be online either!
  2. Use the KISS (keep it simple sister!) method. Teaching in this environment is not easy. Focus on skills and allow them to show mastery. Think outside of the box!
  3. Use Break-Out Rooms. Think in smaller chunks for students who are struggling and pair them with more advanced students in a breakout room. Give them time to discuss and bring them back to whole group. You can also differentiate by pairing like groups of students and work with each during the breakout rooms. Then when they are whole group, discuss the skill from beginning to advanced.
  4. Don’t forget about your self-care!
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