The Detention

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Today I was searching through my desk looking for a code to a padlock. I knew I had it written down somewhere and I needed it. There is a computer cart in a storage room that has not been opened in 2 years, and I was very curious to see what is in it (hoping not to find unused tech). While searching through some papers in a folder, I found a yellow detention slip with a student’s name written on it…Michael.

Michael is a smart, funny and curious kid. If he sounds familiar, he should. He is the same kid in my last post. I have taught Michael, and his cohort of students, since he was in the 5th grade. Not intentionally, mind you, it just worked out that way.

When I saw the slip, I knew I had to razz him. Knowing he was at home e-learning, I opened up my laptop, took a picture of me holding the slip and attached it to an email to him.


I found a lunch detention form from 8/23/18 that you did not serve.  You can serve lunch detention at home tomorrow. 
Mrs. Anderson 😂😝

P.S. I hope all is well with you.

Mrs. Anderson,

WOOW! giving me OSS. Hmmm, welp I’m OK with that.


Dear MIchael,

Me too! LOL!

Mrs. Anderson

Mrs. Anderson,

LOL Yo I miss u already.


Dear Michael,

I miss you, too.

Mrs. Anderson

I never did find that code, but I found something more important…an old lunch detention slip. And that’s why I teach.

Lisa Anderson

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