Frontloading And The 3 Vs Of Teaching Inference With Rigor

October 13, 2020 No Comments

Inferring is the process we do using our background knowledge to come up with a conclusion. What happens if your kiddos don’t have enough of the background knowledge needed to help them be successful– you frontload the lesson! And I mean big!!!

Start with the first two, verbal-vocabulary. In early childhood, most students don’t have the experiences held by other and/or older students. The ability to use words that describe an idea is lacking because they have never encountered the word in their experiences. To raise awareness of vocabularies try adding verbal- vocabulary (say it, spell it, read it, define it). This strategy increases their lexicon level and ability to express ideas. Don’t forget to hold conversations with them and allow them to use the new words in conversations with friends.

Next, move to visual stories. The idea is now concrete with pictures and videos. Once the background has been cemented into their schema, introduce the task of inferring with small groups and centers.

Using computer stations, reading, and writing stations, to name a few, solidifies students engagement to learning. Teaching procedures creates a sense of independence. Once you get your centers moving smoothly with the 3 Vs of rigor strategy, you can focus on scaffolding students for success.

Start frontloading your inference lessons and watch your students soar!

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