Organization Tips for the Google Teacher

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Teaching virtually or hybrid doesn’t have to be a chore. If you think proactive, it will make your life so much easier!

Create a daily agenda

Allowing your students to see what they have to do is a great way for them to dismiss their anxiety about school. It also gives them a chance to see if they can Google any information about the topic you will be addressing in the classroom. Keeping them organized on Google Slides will help them see what they may have missed, too. It definitely makes my life easier!

Make a Classroom Meet

Using Google Meet is a great way to keep the class together to build community and the breakout rooms are amazing! Students have loved going into a room to work on their projects as a group then coming back together to discuss important ideas!

Classroom Calendar

Google has an easy calendar program that allows you to create a classroom calendar. Once created, you can share it with your class. As you teach the calendar, your students will benefit from seeing what is coming up and where they are exactly. Be creative and have fun with it!

Schedule Student or Parent Conferences

Meet is another great feature of Google Calendar. Set up conferences with reminders through Google Meet, and work one on one with students or parents. I’ve also used this option to show parents how to access their child’s grades, homework, attendance, etc. It brings teaching to a more personal level.

Use the Google Suite Products

The easiest thing I do is create pre and posts tests on Google Forms. It’s easy to use and a teacher’s best friend if done correctly. It is self-grading and gives immediate feedback! I also like using Google Slides. There I can be as creative as I want, and allow the students to be interactive with me. There are some great add-ons available as well. Just take a look at your tool bar and you can find them. Coach
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