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I know a very good teacher who is excellent at her craft, however, her students are very ‘crafty’ and ‘rambunctious’ to the point where she is continually having to send them out of the classroom to the principals office. They don’t like it, are more rebellious, and are recording her to try and get her fired (it’s not working).  Like many teachers across the country, she is struggling with classroom discipline. It’s not because she lacks in this area but she, like so many others, is stuck with post pandemic behavior disruptions – classroom disruptions that continually occur because the students have ‘unlearned how to be a student’.

These days, I know it’s hard to be a teacher in the classroom. When you have 30+ students and no paraprofessional for back-up, it’s even more challenging.  Teachers are more stressed than ever!

The best thing a teacher can do is build relationships with students and parents.  Make those phone calls home but don’t forget to add in the good stuff.

Oh, and my friend I mentioned at the beginning, she had a great day. She started building relationships and students are starting to come around.  She also started recording her classes through Google, which gave the students even more incentive to be more studious and gave them a point of reference if they get stuck with homework!

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