New Trends in Education Surfacing in 2022 Are you ready?

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With all that has happened in the last 2  years, there is no doubt that education is making changes.  While it’s hard to move forward for some, it’s much needed for others.  New trends in Education surfacing in 2022 are not so new but they are moving us toward a new kind of learning.

  1. Nanolearning – Nanolearning is a newer concept to learning. Anyone who knows anything about prefixes, suffixes and root words surely can understand the concept of nanolearning (small bits of learning as opposed to their larger counterparts).  The question remains…why?  Why is nanolearning a trend in education? As you know, when the pandemic in charge, we were forced into teaching from home and students had to learn using technology.  With it was increased screen time along with a decrease in attention spans.  Not a good combination.
  2.  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – VR and AR have been around for a couple of years, so it’s fairly new.  In education, not so much.  VR and AR allow students to connect to real life experiences like never before.  With these resources students can go on a field trip or check out virtual careers without leaving the comfort of their classroom or home; whatever the case may be.
  3. Project Based Learning – PBL has been around for a few short years, so really not a new idea.  It has caught on with most school districts but not as fast as it should. This teaching method involves the student in real life experiences where they learn by doing.  They use the 3 Cs of learning: Critical Thinking Skills, Collaboration, and Communication to solve a problem in today’s society.  They could solve a problem with the local environment, create a helpful idea for energy sources, or bring people together to solve community problems. The possibilities are endless!
  4. Experiential Learning – Learning that involves the students to take part in an experience is the gist of EL.  In this type of learning, students take part in gathering data, role playing or actual field work.  Closely related to PBL, EL is bringing students and job experience together out of the classroom.  Homework anyone?
  5. Online Schooling – OS may be the oldest of trends but it’s making a comeback for 2022!  Why?  It’s flexible, cost effective and widely accessible.  It removes the location of a school and brings the learning into a more comfortable space free of distraction that tend to be school-only related.

So there you have it.  New trends in education for 2022.  You’re up to date!

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