My Favorite Summer Reading List 2021

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My Favorite Summer 2021 Reading List

If you’re into summer reading, I have an author for you! Jennifer Nielsen is the author of many historical fiction books that grab the reader from the first sentence! Because of their Lexile level, these books are must reads for upper elementary, middle school, high school or just anyone wanting to dive into a brilliant book or Kindle! In them you will find adventure, mystery, fun, and sometimes romance. Because of their popularity, I have read most of these books over the last 4 months and highly recommend them!

If you like history, you will fall in love with these historical fictional characters by Jennifer Nielsen. You will discover bravery in the face of fears and compassion when you most need it. The heroes stand up for what is right and once they make up their minds, they don’t back down. The heroes are the epitome of the saying that good always wins! When you think they may be down for the count, they get back up and fight to persevere. Once I began the first book, I couldn’t put it down. These books were devoured by me and a few of my friends during a read-a-thon and are 100% engaging. To begin your adventure into the past, I suggest you read these novels in the particular order listed below.

The Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer Nielsen

The False Prince

The Runaway King

The Shadow Throne

The Captive Kingdom

Mark Of The Thief Series by Jennifer Nielsen

Mark of the Thief

Rise of the Wolf

Wrath of the Storm

*Traitor’s Game Series by Jennifer Nielsen

The Traitor’s Game by Jennifer Nielsen

The Deceiver’s Heart by Jennifer Nielsen

The Warrior’s Curse by Jennifer Nielsen


After reading her books, leave a comment about your experience! I love to hear from other book nerds.

*I haven’t read these yet, but am planning on finishing up my summer with them!

PS: I started The Traitor’s Game today (May 31, 2021).

UPDATE:  Just finished The Traitor’s Game Trilogy – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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