Education has turned the corner and is walking away.

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Educating the future when we don’t have a crystal ball is where we are now. What is trending may not be trending in the next few years. So what do we teach the students? That’s a great question and it deserves a great answer! So here is my best…ahem…it depends on the student’s perspective. Are you looking through the lens of a learner or teacher? Maybe you are looking through the lens of a parent/guardian, school board, or government.

The lenses of learners are as diverse as yours and mine. They live, speak, eat and act differently. Background knowledge is a key to student learning, but not all students have the same enriching experiences. Therefore, it stands to reason that learning differs as cultural norms are taken into account.

So when we are considering the strategy of teaching the hybrid, F2F, or virtual student, we need to consider the individual and what works best.

This year has not been the greatest and we are all feeling the stress. How can we give them a future that they can count on, when we can’t figure out the lens we should use? Looking to the future of education isn’t easy. Using trends isn’t always accurate. We are watching education as it turns a corner and walks away. How do we catch up when we are struggling to keep pace?


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