Teacher Performance Anxiety? Been There, Too!

February 15, 2021 No Comments

Pour yourself a cuppa tea and let’s chat about the big fat elephant who stomps through the room of our minds whenever the thought of making a positive impact with your students is involved. Yep, it happens to almost ALL of us.

The stress of being a leader of engagement, provider of content and master of curriculum is overwhelming. And then there is the End of the Year Assessment!

There are so many ugly little voices that rear their head and you feel ignoring them you are cheating yourself and your students. You end up thinking that with everything going on, you haven’t done enough teaching. I’ve experienced that gut wrenching knot and it almost stopped me from teaching. Yep! You are not alone.

But then I realized that there are students who are going through much worse. These young and impressionable little people need my teaching experience, love and support. When I think of this, it makes those feelings pale into insignificance.

So know this, we are heroes, change-makers, and role models.

Tell me, what will you commit to doing that faces your anxieties of real-life teaching today?

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