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August 9, 2020 No Comments

Today I was going through a bin in my office and came across a notebook. I’m always looking for paper, so I pulled it out. To my delightful surprise the first page was from 2002 and contained student reflections from when I had taught kindergarten in Hampton, TN.

In kindergarten, Brandon was a very active child. You could say he did whatever he thought he could get away with, however, he would melt my heart when he smiled at me. He had a female counterpart, Taylor. Here are a couple of notes I have on them:

  • Brandon ran and jumped into his seat from behind. I told him not to ever do that again. At that moment Taylor yelled, “Yeah Brandon! You’ll crack open your head and we will see your brain!”
  • After discussing astronauts and the space shuttle. I asked the students if they would like to be an astronaut. Brandon raised his hand and said, “I want to be a space shuttle.”

Wow, I miss those times!  

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